Revised 01/07/24
Revised 01/07/24

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Upcoming Events
at Diana's Quilts-n-Things

  April 2023  
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Hours:  Monday - Friday 10:00 - 4:00
Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
SPECIALS - We now know we don't have any smoke damage from the Graves Hotel fire (so very sad to lose that landmark) we are back to our regular special of 20% off with the use of a credit card.  If you pay cash or by check, your discount will increase to 25%.  Minimum 1 yard cuts.  Any sewing notion over $10.00 is included in the special.  Finish a bolt of SALE fabric and it is half off (50%) the original price.

AccuQuilt specials - Ask about these.  Lots of new dies.  We will match any special AccuQuilt is offering.

AccuQuilt news - Have you been thinking about a GO! Cutter or wondering how they work?  Schedule a test drive session at Diana's Quilts-n-Things.  Kits will be available to make a table runner for $15.00.  At the store, you will use the GO! Cutter to cut your pieces, then sew them right away, or take them home to sew.  The cost is just the price of the fabric, and you will leave with a basic knowledge of how the cutters work.  Find out if it is right for you.  This is a "test drive" for me also, so plan on an hour to an hour and a half of personal help.  It would help me to have a day's notice that you want to come and do this, just in case there is a store full of people.  I can make arrangements to accommodate you.
  Want to try the GO! Cutter on your own project?  Come in, bring your project's ironed fabric, and cut your project.  Rental is $10.00 per hour.  You will purchase your own mat for the dies you use.  You can use any of the dies I have open.  If you then decide that you want your own GO! Cutter, I will deduct the cost of the rental fee +and+ the cost of any mat you may have purchased.  Consider it a mini class for $10.00+.

For store news and subscriber coupons, please ask to be on my mailing list - here's the link to contact methods, so you can send me your email address.

Quilt Retreats for 2023:  Cost remains at $250 for three nights at the Barnsion, outside of Harlowton, 3 breakfasts, two evening meals, a special small project, and lots of fun.  Towels and bedding are furnished.  To guarantee your spot, a deposit of half the fee is required.  I will be reevaluating the cost after the first of the year, depending on food prices and how much the Barnsion raises its prices.  Vaccination is required.
Dates:  In 2023, April 13 - 16, one spot is available.  Wow, hard to believe that is less than 2 weeks away.
October 12 - 15, possible 3 spots available; October 19 - 22 1 spot available.  I do have 2024 dates too.

My Mystery Mailing started in January 2021 and continues.  Each mailing includes $60.00 to 70.00 worth of goodies.  If mailed, the cost will be $50.00, or you may pick your bundle up at the store for $42.00.  Each mystery mailing includes fun stuff, and changes from month to month.  It could be a fun project, could be a box of goodies, it could be anything; that's the fun part of mysteries.  Even though postage increased in January, I haven't raised the cost.

No group classes scheduled.
Personal instruction in GO! Cutter use - see above.  Appointment is recommended.

Click the Catalog link at the top of any page on this website to see fabrics, kits, quilts, and other goodies.  And check out our Facebook page, as well as the website, for new fabrics and other items.
  To order fabrics from the web site, you do need to call the store (406-632-4861).  The great thing about calling, is that I can send you close up pictures of the fabrics you are interested in.  It takes a bit longer that just being able to place an order online, but you do get knowledgable personal service, as you would with a store visit.  An email requesting close up photos with a follow-up phone call will also work.

We welcome masked shoppers to browse Diana's.  Click here for mask policy details and accommodations.  It would help me to have advance notification if you have a group of 4 or more.  Right now, I am still short-handed, which gives you more time to look around, until I can help the next person.

Stay safe and healthy out there.
- Diana


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Calendar archive

Farmer's Wife quilt

2017 Imagine That project
Join the sewing fun at Diana's Quilts-n-Things!

My quilting groups are friendly gatherings where you can concentrate, share, work, and learn.  My store has special equipment and work space for quilters to use, and lots of materials and patterns.  Come on in to work on your projects - where everything you need is at hand, including new techniques and experienced advice.

PREPARATIONS: If a club or class member is bringing a guest, or if you want to attend a single session, or if you are a class subscriber and want to switch Saturdays, please contact Diana beforehand.

My Imagine That Club is an annual challenge.  Each Imagine That Club participant receives a free fat quarter of a select fabric to inspire a project, and then works at home to create whatever they imagine from it.  An Imagine That project can be a quilt, a wall hanging, or whatever someone wants to make.  There is just one limitation:  "NO potholders, please."  Use your Imagination!  Your project can be any size and may include other fabrics as you like, but it must include at least part of the fat quarter.  (Small pieces count.)  In August or September all the participants will get together for an Unveiling Party with food and prizes.  $5 participation fee, open to anyone.

If you have questions on any of these, please give me a call. (406-632-4861)

Saturday classes are all day classes starting at 9:30 a.m. and running until 4:30 p.m.

Mother and child 12 Months of Holidays:
In 2014, we sewed the 12 Months of Christmas, completing easy Christmas projects including a Christmas stocking, themed wall hangings, coasters, table centers and table mats, and a mug rug.

In 2015, we sewed 12 Months of Holidays.  This included a different project each month and many different techniques.  Kits for the projects were priced at 25% off.  These quick and easy projects help you decorate for holidays, and make seasonal gifts.  To attend for a specific project, pay a class fee, plus the cost of the kit.

January featured a Valentine's Day wall hanging, using reverse applique.
February featured a Easter project.
March featured a Spring project.
April featured a Paper Pieced table runner for Mother's Day.
May featured a Tumbler block flag for July.
August featured a "stained glass" table runner.
September featured a turkey placemat.
October featured An American In Paris table runner.

This Saturday activity runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Sew Saturday quilts for charity. Sew Saturday:
Sew Saturday is sewing quilts to donate for charity fund raisers.  Some quilts will be going to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, some to Special K Ranch in Columbus, some to A Safe Place in Helena, which is for Military women suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, and others where ever else we feel they can be used.
  All hands are welcome, no fee, potluck.  If you can, please let me know by the day before, if you would like to participate.  Fabric donations are welcome!
To keep up our stamina, each Sew Saturday will feature a pot luck lunch.

1st Saturday of each month in 2017, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Unfinished project pieces UFO Club:
Work on those UnFinished Objects.

Actual progress.  What could be better?

In 2019, our first meeting was in February.
In 2018 and 2017 we met on the 3rd Saturday of each odd month (January, March, May, July, September, November).

Christmas Ribbons quilt
Beginning Quilting:
Learn the basics with an easy pattern.                                                                                    
This Saturday class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

A Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. Disappearing Nine Patch:
Eyes are fooled by this clever Nine Patch technique.  Example quilts on this website are this pink one, this one with fish, #6-1034, #6-1102, and #6-1204.

This Saturday class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

A Stack n' Whack quilt. Stack n' Whack:
With the fun Stack and Whack technique, every block is different.  Example quilts on this website are #6-955, #6-912, #6-989, this red, black, and white one, this pink, blue, and yellow one, and , #6-1331.

This class will be covered on two Saturdays.  The second Saturday's date and activities will be determined by what works for the students in the class.  The class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Construction of a One Block Wonder quilt. One Block Wonder:
A One Block Wonder quilt is based on 6 layers of fabric with a 24 inch repeat.  Quilt pieces are cut with a similar technique to those of a Stack and Whack quilt, but the blocks are sewn together differently.  Example quilts on this website are #6-1052, #6-1309, and #6-1335.

This class may be covered on two Saturdays.  If needed, the second Saturday's date and activities will be determined by what works for the students in the class.  The class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.
The One Block Wonder guide.

Needle turn appliqued quilt Needle Turn Applique:
Needle turn applique is a hand applique technique.  Learn needle turn applique with a small project that can be turned into a pillow, table center, or quilt section.  An example quilt on this website is #6-489.

Needle Turn Applique is an all-day Saturday class, starting at 9:30 a.m.

A raw edge applique wall hanging. Raw Edge Applique:
Students in my Raw Edge Applique class make a wall hanging, using a McKenna Ryan pattern.  An example on this website is #6-878.

This Saturday class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

A rag quilt. Rag Quilt:
Rag quilts are comforting classics.  Example quilts on this website are #6-1024, #6-927, and #6-917.

This Saturday class runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

A rack of table runners. Table Runners:
Table runners are a fun way to complete a small quilt project.  A variety of patterns are available at my store.  Examples on this website are #6-865, #6-695, #6-915, and #6-837.

This Saturday activity runs all day, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Monday Club projects:

The Farmer's Wife quilt Block Of The Month Club:
In 2010, we tackled "The Farmer's Wife", a spectacular quilt made with six inch blocks.  See a better picture here.

Block of the Month was first offered on Monday nights in 2010, was back by popular demand in 2012 - again in 2013 - and again in 2014.

A quilt made with the GO! Cutter. GoGo Club:
Come in and play with the GO! Cutter and dies.

AccuQuilt logo

Quilts on this website made with the GO! Cutter are the Bugs quilt #6-1066, this geometric quilt #6-1067, and the rag quilt #6-1024.                    

GoGo Club was a Monday night club in 2010.

Detail from Progressive quilt Progressive Quilt:
There is no pattern for the progressive quilt - each person creates a quilt center from good quality 100% cotton fabric, and passes the started quilt on to another group member, who adds the next section, and so on.  When a quilt has been completed, with care from everyone in the group, it returns to the person who started it to keep.  There's a better picture of this quilt in the Gallery.

The Progressive Quilt was a Monday night club in 2011.

Scaregirl wall hanging (detail) Seasonal Club:
We enjoy making small projects related to the seasons.  Wall hangings, table runners, and other fun fabric art items make it easy to dress up our homes.

The Seasonal Club was a Monday night club in 2012.

If you have a question about my clubs, activities, or schedule,
please call Diana's Quilts-n-Things at 406-632-4861.

Join us for some fun.

Diana's Quilts-n-Things   10 1st St SE   PO Box 578   Harlowton MT 59036

Facebook: Diana's Quilts-n-Things

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